We have tried to put our terms clearly here. If you are not sure that you understand them please ask before using our services.

This document governs your use of any of our website services including your online account. A separate agreement applies to any awards made for projects through our grants process and will be provided at the time of a successful award.

We do not “sell” services ourselves, however some of our partners may provide chargeable services. Therefore we recommend that you check specific terms and conditions and any other appropriate operational details about partners should you choose to work or contract with them.

Whilst we encourage all partners to represent themselves and their work accurately, we cannot monitor every aspect of the site or preview all information that may be provided by them. The information potential of the site operates with the agreement of all partners to these terms and the partnership commitments set out below and they remain responsible for doing so. Should a partner fail to do so and we receive reports or evidence of this we will investigate and take appropriate actions at our sole discretion up to and including the potential to suspend or remove their website access and membership of the hub.

If you use our site or make an account to access features of the site we retain the ownership of that account and it is your responsibility to use it correctly and within these terms.
Partnership commitment:

Partners in the hub are those who register an account through our website or request to become a partner through another means. All partners agree to:

    provide accurate information where permitted

    use the site and their account correctly and manage the security of accounts provided

    support the partnership as a whole for the collective benefit of its members and those who might want to find out information

    use forums and communicate within the parameters expected for example:

        to use appropriate language without defamatory, abusive, derogatory or inappropriate words

        not to self-promote via forums but to use the other mechanisms (news/profile/events)

        not to post against others

        not to use forums to air complaints

    Commit to maintaining the partnership’s expected standards in all their music education activities and to the quality assurance process of partnership supported activity

    Contribute positively and constructively to the hub audit, needs analysis and workstream discussions.

    Make use of programmes developed within workstreams to achieve partnership objectives

    Actively and positively promote and signpost the work of the partnership, to their own young people networks, locally and nationally through agreed communication mechanisms

    Assist the operational group to identify further sources of support for activities

    Provide data and information to enable evaluation of delivered activities

    Work together to manage successfully any potential areas of duplication or conflicts of interest and avoid bringing the work of the partnership into disrepute


“Cambridgeshire Music Partnership”, “Cambridgeshire Music Hub”, “Hub” and any relevant domain names linked to our sites refer to the work of the music education hub organisation in Cambridgeshire and the services and/or products we provide.“Partners” are any individual or organization that determines to join the hub in order to benefit from its activities, services or information using the website, funding or other services provided.

Security of data:

    We take the security of your information very seriously. Any data we collect is stored in an encrypted form. We do not store bank account details. Our staff will never ask you for your password. If you think your data has been compromised please tell us immediately. If we think there has been a data breach we will tell you immediately. If you would like more information about data security please contact us.

Your privacy:

    We collect the minimum of information required to provide our services correctly. We will not share your personal information with others unless you have given permission via your account for third party information. We will provide anonymous summaries of data as a means of looking at levels of engagement and participation. We will ask you for marketing permissions regarding visual documentation or providing information about our activities and services. You can change your settings via your account or by contacting us. If you have any concerns about privacy please contact us or review the specific privacy policy.


    Partners who work with children and/or vulnerable adults are required to adopt safe working practices. This is not something the hub can monitor itself although we expect evidence of the policies and operating frameworks being in place for any partner applying to be “accredited” by the hub. If we are made aware of any issues to do with safeguarding the status of partnership membership will always be reviewed.

Age/Responsibility Requirement to enter into the agreement

You must be at least 16 years old to become a partner in the hub and set up your own account on our website on your own behalf, on the behalf of your child or on behalf of an organisation and to register for use of services.. By ticking the box indicating your acceptance to these terms or using our services, you are stating that (i) you have read, understood and agree to be bound by these terms and (ii) you are at least 16 years old, either becoming a partner for yourself or entering on behalf of your child or a child in your legal care or on behalf of an organisation. If you are a parent or guardian entering registering for the benefit of your child, you are fully responsible for his or her use of services, including all financial charges and legal liability that he or she may incur. If you do not agree to (or cannot comply with) any of these terms and conditions, do not tick the acceptance box and do not request an account. A link to or copy of these terms will be sent to you as part of your account confirmation and you have 7 calendar days or from the point you begin using services before it comes into force.
Agreement to Pay

If the hub offers any paid services now or in the future, you agree to pay by the due date for the services that you confirm you wish to have. We may request payment through online systems or via postal invoice at our discretion. Charges can be paid in instalments where permitted by us however the full amount may become due should payments be missed and/or the option to pay by instalments suspended. Additionally, until overdue charges are paid, access to services may be suspended with cancellation costs equivalent to the charges applied to your account. If having confirmed your request you decide not to take up a service following the 7 calendar day period above you will be charged a cancellation/admin fee as set out in our charges on our website.
Maintaining your account:

If your contact or other information that you record in your account (e.g. email) needs changing, you must update that information via your account. The hub cannot take responsibility for any liability caused by failure by account holders to maintain accurate account details. You must not allow anyone else to use or share your account, which remains our property at all times.
Ending your partnership membership

If you wish to end your membership of the hub you can do so by closing your web account or by contacting us and we will do this for you.
Amendments to Terms & Conditions

The hub may from time to time modify these terms and conditions and post a copy of the amended Agreement to your account and also at also on our website. If you do not agree to (or cannot comply with) the Agreement as amended, you must close your account and stop using the services provided.
Privacy & Data Protection

The data protection and privacy policies for Cambridgeshire County Council will apply.
Modification to Service

The hub may modify the service provision to ensure that the delivery of its work can be sustained at the standards and quality required.
Complaints, queries & communications

Most of the information on our site is provided by our partners. We expect them to have communication mechanisms that you can use if you have a question and where appropriate processes for managing complaints. If you have any kind of concern relating to the information provided by a partner you should communicate that immediately, ideally to the partner themselves via their posted contact details or using the reporting links provided online. In most cases they will be able to resolve any queries quickly. Should this not be possible you should raise your query directly with us via email/letter/fax or telephone. We will investigate any concern and respond to you within 10 working days (although in most cases it will take less time). You must not though use the public processes available on the site for statements about concerns that you have with regard to a particular issue as this will result in immediate suspension of access and removal such comment.