How to make a bursary online application

  1. Register on the mush website
  2. Create a user profile
  3. Go to ‘My Mush’ and click on your profile
  4. Click on the ‘My Funding’ tab
  5. Click on ‘Add a new funding application’
  6. The process is laid out under six tabs – Form, Partners, Objectives, Documents, Communications, Guidance Notes
  7. Start with the ‘Form’ tab
  8. Select grant type Access to Learning and click CONTINUE
  9. Section A  General Info -  complete basic details in this section
  10. Section B Project – Tell us details about the activity requiring support
  11. Section D Finance. If you have a budget document to add to your application tick the box and move to the ‘Documents’ tab to upload your budget document then return to the ‘Form’ tab. Alternatively, if your budget is simple, complete the income and expenditure fields in section D.
  12. Section E Declaration. Ensure that you have uploaded all the necessary documents (on the ‘documents’ tab) and then tick the declaration.
  13. You can save changes at any time and return to your application later. Once you submit the application you will not be able to make any further changes
  14. You can view the progress of your application on the ‘Communications’ tab and send and receive messages to and from the Grant Assessment team. You should use this channel for all enquiries about your application rather than sending email.