Our funding programmes are changing.  Please see important information below.

We have two funding programmes available to organisations and individuals to help support the work of the hub in Cambridgeshire.

The way in which applications are developed and managed will be changing from 1st April 2019 and further information will be provided by the end of March 2019 regarding the way in which you can approach us for support.

If you have already submitted an application we will consider this under the existing scheme and contact you as normal.

If you have an application part prepared please note that this must be submitted to us before the end of March 2019.  After this date applications will need to be made under the new scheme.

If you need further information on a current application or future plans.please contact us for advice.

The Grant Scheme is being redeveloped and further information will be provided in due course.

The Access to Learning Scheme helps with the cost of instrumental tuition and related activity for individuals aged 5 to 18 who meet the criteria. Parents or carers can apply directly on behalf of their children or alternatively schools can apply on behalf of families for several pupils at once. Further guidance can be found here - this scheme is not changing significantly at this time but we will be adjusting the process in order to make it more straightforward to approach us for help.

How to Apply

If you are thinking about a request for support please contact us at to discuss the next step.