What is the hub all about?

The Cambridgeshire Music Partnership was formed to be a commissioning and strategic body helping to steer the development of music opportunities for children and young people in the county.


How many partners are involved?

We have over 200 partners in our hub, from individual musicans both young and not so young to local and national music organisations.


What can the website do?

At the moment you can access the funding scheme information and contact us to become a partner. In the future you will be able to create your own profile for yourself and your music-making, add news and events, share ideas and questions through our forum and apply for funding through the site itself. You will be able to search the site for activity that is of interest to you by filtering the infromation provided by other hub partners. The more we all add, the more useful the site becomes. We will be adding to the functionality during the next 3 months.


How can I get advice about something I want to do?

Fill in our enquiry form and we will try to help you find the right answer until the site becomes more interactive.